40 pounds of pure neurotic love

40 pounds of pure neurotic love

She’s afraid of fart noises…among many other things

Meet Maja, my knee-high Chow and Australian Shepard mix. I got her when I was 16 years old from a small Humane Society shelter in Lead, South Dakota.

She is afraid of most things, and stupidly unafraid when she should be.

List of Maja’s fears:

  • hard wood floors
  • fart noises
  • planes, trains, and buses
  • swimming
  • children
  • other dogs
  • exorcism

It’s Mary if you have a problem




While still fairly new to the post-grad job market, I am very well experienced in working. Since the age of fourteen I’ve been on the payroll of everything from nursing homes to bill  collector.

All I wanted to do was find a job that didn’t make me miserable, something that I could grow within and become a part of, but after high school, nothing I did made me excited about the future. Even the better paying jobs, like credit card collections, while pretty lucrative for someone with no degree, were soul-sucking and I couldn’t stand it for more than a year.

At the age of twenty, I went back to school and settled on journalism/mass communications as my major.  It has now been six months since I graduated, three of those months spent actively looking for work, and I have to admit it’s trickier than I thought it would be.

Do I regret choosing mass communications as my major? Sometimes. I remember my sophomore year there was an article rating the hardest degrees to find jobs that return college investment in, and journalism was second to last. Now, a more recent article from Forbes,  says the job market is improving, but I honestly couldn’t tell from where I’m sitting.

Now, I was totally fine with  not getting paid very well, but what I wasn’t expecting was not even finding a job. It’s a very competitive market and I just don’t have enough material to get my foot in the door. Why would they hire me, when they could get someone who has been in the field for five years? It’s a catch 22. They won’t hire you unless you have experience, but you can’t get experience without someone hiring you.